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 ~Sorrow's RP stuff~

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PostSubject: ~Sorrow's RP stuff~    ~Sorrow's RP stuff~  Icon_minitime1Fri Sep 25, 2015 5:24 pm

T7 Character list ((detailed… somewhat)) ((Will edit as story progresses))
~Silva Academy~
 [ Director ] Michael Veroy (Principal) (M) < P >
 [ Sir ] Johnathan Fang (Grounds Keeper) (M) < C >
 [ Madame ] Shade D. Star “Madame Shade” (Vice Principal) (F) < C >
 Chishio Blood (Teacher) (F)
 Charlotte Rose “Nurse Chopper” (School Nurse) (F)
 Andrew Demico “Memento” (Arts Director) (M) < P >

 Seth Azreal, 2nd year “Cyclops” (Head of Secrecy Division, Teacher) (M) < T >
 Annette Fallon, 3rd year “Red Queen” (Head of 3SD, Head of Security Division, Leader of Central & North) (F) < T >
 Mana XXX, 2nd year “Ghost Girl” (Head of Student Division) (F) < T >
 Sulliva Lane “Lane/ XXX” (2nd in command of Security Division) (M)
 Maokai Creak, “Lieutenant” (2nd in command of Security Division) (M)

~Red Moon~
 ____, Graduate “King of Spades, Caliburn” (High Ranking officer in Red Moon) (M)
 Reina ____, 3rd year “Queen of Hearts”
 Jasper ____, 3rd year “Jack of Clubs”
 Mitsukai Moon, 1st year “Mitsu-chan” (Kouhai and Student of Ezra)
 Ezra XXX Wolff, 2nd year “Banshee” (Leader of East, Head of Silva Red Moon Division)\
 ____, “Imouto”, non-student (Personal Informant/Assistant of Ezra, Magic Clothe Merchant)

~Student Council~
 “President” (M) (Principal in training, Student Council President, Leader of East)
 ______, 3rd year “Vice” (F) (Vice President of Student Council)
 ______, 2nd year “Banker” (F) (Treasurer of Student Council)
 ______, 2nd year “Memo” (F) (Recorder of Student Council)
• _____, 2nd year “Secretary” (F) (Secretary of Student Council)
• ______, 1st year “Pack” (F) (‘Trainee’ of Student Council)

~New Moon Chapel~
 “President” (High Priest of New Moon Chapel)
 “Hecate” (XXX)
 “Hades” (XXX)
 Maokai Creak (Cardinal of New Moon Chapel)

 Setsuna F. Seiei, 1st year “Soldier” (Unaffiliated?) (M)
 Asuka Kobayashi, 1st year “Inku” (F)
 Kiyoko Kita, 1st year “Panda” (F)
 Carmen Auis, 1st year “Gita” (F)
 Lucifer Deus, 3rd year (M)

~Magic Council~
• “Chaos” < P >
• Markus Kita, “Traitor” (M) < P >

~Regibus Academy~
• [ Director ] ____, “Chaos” (Principal, member of Magic Council) (M) < P >
• XXX, “Hades” (XXX) (M) < P >
• Selene XXX, “Hecate” (XXX) (F) < P >
XXX, “Zeus” (M) < P >
• XXX, “Athena” (F)
o XXX, “Angelos” (F)
o XXX, “Enyo” (F)
o XXX, “Limos” (F)
o XXX, “Eris” (F)

o Takehito Kita “Odin”, Vice Principal (M) < P >
• XXX, “Loki”, Junior (M) < C >
XXX, “Thor”, Senior (M) (XXX)
o Veronica Jewels, “Valkyrie R.”, Senior (F) (Head of Valkyrie Squad)
o Jessica Marks, “Valkyrie B.”, Senior (F) (Member of Valkyrie Squad)
o Cassandra Nero, “Valkyrie G.”, Senior (F) (Member of Valkyrie Squad)
o Marylinda Chaste, “Valkyrie Y.”, Senior (F) (Member of Valkrie Squad)
o XXX, “Freya”, Senior (F) (XXX)
• XXX, “Fenrir”, XXX (M) (XXX)
• XXX, “Mimir”, Junior (F) (XXX)
o ____, “Muninn/Raven”, Senior (F) (Spy for Odin)

 XXX, “Izanagi”, Freshman (M) (XXX)
 XXX, “Izanami”, Senior (F) (XXX)

• ____, “Excalibur”, Graduate/Sponsor (M) (Grandfather of “Athena”, Father of “Zeus”)

 _____, “Ichi, Hito, Leader” (M) (Leads Kage, former member of Susanoo branch family)
 XXX, “Ni, Necro” (F) (XXX)
 Rei ____, “San, Rei” (F) (Self-appointed guard of Ichi, Acts as second in command)
 ____, “Shi, Raijin” (M) (Claims to be the strongest of the group, former member of Amaterasu branch family)
 ____, “Go, Suijin” (F) (Sister of “Roku/Chi”)
 ____, “Roku, Chi” (F) (Sister of “Go/Suijin”)
 ____, “Nana” (F) (XXX)
 ____, “Hachi” (F) (XXX)
 ____, “Ashi” (F) (XXX)
“Fuijin” (M) (Former 4th seat of Kage)

( ) = Detail
(M/F) = Gender
< T > = Trinity
< P > = Paladin
< C > = Cardinal
< ? > = Not appeared
___ = Unnamed
“ “ = Nickname
XXX = Spoilers
[ ] = Title
Example = XXX
** From the journal of Ezra Wolff **
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~Sorrow's RP stuff~
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