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PostSubject: ✪Forum Rurus✪   ✪Forum Rurus✪ Icon_minitime1Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:29 pm

These are overall general rurus you need to read before posting your intro. Please read them carefully!

This is a pretty mature forum but please refrain from gore or extremely nsfw stuff, you can smooch and hug and stuff but no sexual activity or images are allowed on this forum!!! (If you do you will get the ban hammer.)
That also means that you should try not to cuss too much, occasional Damns are acceptable but if you start cussing like a sailor you will get the temporary suspension hammer.

If you post any spoilers at all put them under a read more tab. Defy the means and try not to be a spoiler queen!

NO BULLYING,BEING RUDE,OR BEING DISRESPECTFUL WHATSOEVER MAN if you are reported for bullying or are caught bullying you will be hunted down and made into kawaii cannibal obento! (You will also get the ban hammer.)

Refrain from spamming topics or threads with one lined posts or random dumb stuff! If that ensues more than a multiple amount of times, yeah you guessed it, BAN HAMMER.

Try and keep this a nice clean forum folks! No one wants to see rule enforcer Chrome when the rurus are broken, you'll get bitten to death! (And then secondary rurus enforcer Minty will make kawaii cannibal obento out of you!) (॓_॔)

✪Forum Rurus✪ Original

Remember we will allways be watching you....aaaalllllwwaaaayyyysss waaatttcchhhiiinnnggggg.....
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